Nigerian Dishes

Egusi Soup
Egusi Soup is a delicious Nigerian dish prepared with egusi seeds, beef or goat, fish, palm oil, seasoning, pepper, stock fish, spinach, and bitter leaves served with pounded yam, eba, or oat fufu.
Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup is a Nigerian delicacy prepared with assorted meat, palm oil, pepper, fish, onions, seasoning, ground shrimp, and locust beans (iru) served with pounded yam, rice, oat fufu, or eba.
Ewedu Soup
Ewedu is a popular soup mostly eaten by the yoruba tribe in Nigeria. It requires Ewedu leaves, potash, ijabe(Ewedu broom) or blender, salt, cube seasoning, crayfish, tablespoon egusi.
Made by blending peeled beans mixed with vegetables oil, corned beef(optional), seasoning, pepper, onions. Can be served with rice or by itself.
Jollof Ric
Rice cooked together with tomatoes, onions, pepper, vegetable oil, seasoning, and meat or fish.
Ewa Agoyin
Ewa Agoyin is a street food commonly eaten across Nigeria. The beans are made to be extremely soft or mashed. It is commonly eaten with barely ground pepper and tomato sauce which is very spicy, but peppery.